Sunday, June 13, 2010

a lil snip from the my 2d short film project.
The guy is bored/jobless/uninspired/doesnt know what to do. Thats when a white shiny streak of THOUGHT comes!

Feedback is welcome!


  1. hey! looks great :) waiting for the film to s finish (or has it already?)

  2. thankyou! No, had to take a break from it for some other work...will get back to working on it ASAP!

  3. Nice:-) Will get a better picture once the work progresses... How about adding a waste paper to the dustbin while he's yawning and stuff? Might animate the background a bit. A layman speaking...

  4. Hmm. I can try! =)
    But animating the background is a lil tricky. It might result in confusion and might become distracting.